2024 Program

From 2:00pmArrival and set up. No official programme. 
6:00pmSausage sizzle       Gold coin donation 
7:00pmOfficial opening and house­keeping mattersISAAC (Steve, Gary)
7:10pmWeather forecast for the weekend. A professional approach.Paul Mallinson
7:30pmOnly Polonez?Remco Mensert
8:15pmWhy did the apple really fall?Bethany Jones
9:00pmSupper.             Telescope set up time. 
9:30pmMovie – TBD 
NoonSausage sizzle       Gold coin donation 
1:00pmBuy, Sell and Swap table  (also Sunday)ISAAC (Steve, Gary)
2:00pmASTRONZ presentation of gearASTRONZ
2:30pmLife Without Our MoonAntony Gomez
3:15pmAfternoon tea 
3:40pmPlanetary Imaging from CartertonPaul Mallinson
4:10pmThe new NCEA Science Curriculum – Challenges aheadBruce Ngataierua
4:40pmImaging with the Lunt 100 MT (Modular Telescope)Otto Gruebl
5:30pmDinner (fish and chips) 
7:00pmGroup photo. Meet in the hall.Graham Palmer
7:15pmLight and Dark            Join Marnie in a talk that goes beyond telescopes, addressing the urgent issue of light pollution. Drawing on her extensive travel experiences from the Arctic to the Antarctic, Marnie is driven to bring a unique perspective to the importance of preserving our natural night environment and the true value of this natural asset. In this illustrated talk she urges astronomers to convey the significance of our night skies, explore impactful communication methods to spread this crucial message. Marnie Ogg, Outreach Director and Founder of the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance  
8:15pmRaffle draw 
8:30pmThe world’s worst telescopes – and discoveries made in spite of them In the four centuries since the invention of the telescope, astronomers have devised ever more sophisticated ways of exploring the heavens. Sometimes, their ideas have outstripped the available technology, or gone in strange and unusual directions ending in blind alleys. In this entertaining and fully illustrated talk, Fred Watson explains what makes telescopes go bad, and presents examples from his dodgy telescope casebook – as well as exploring what makes today’s giant telescopes so good.Professor Fred Watson, Australia’s First Astronomer at Large and a really great guy
9:30pmSupper.              Telescope set up time. 
9:45pmMovie – TBD 
9:00 -11:00amChildren’s programme (to be confirmed)TBD
NoonSausage sizzle       Gold coin donation 
1:00pmBuy, Sell and Swap table  (also Saturday)ISAAC (Steve, Gary)
1:30pmPhotographing the SunAndy Williams
2:00pmRobert Burnham Jr.: A Prince Among the Stars, a Pauper on the EarthJohn Drummond
2:30pmCapturing exoplanet transits (including hopefully one captured during CSP)Jean-Fabien Barrois
3:10pmAfternoon tea 
4:45pmPlanetarium visit in Napier. 
5:30pmDinner (in Napier or on site) 
8:00pmAstro quiz 
9:00pmSupper.             Telescope set up time. 
9:30pmMovie – (Surprise) 
 Pack up in the morning ­ leave by lunchtime.